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for 21" doll, designed & fashioned by Lagana, down to the exquisite lace mitts on her hands and her leather real button hightops and purse.   The  underskirt has a fern lace gathered underneath and with its own top makes another outfit.  All designed and crafted by Lagana, with Lagana's hand signed labels..   The same black glass beads used as buttons accents the ribbon necklace.  Black Floral Dress and Cape & Blue Skirt and Top both $150.00   SOLD
Note the pearl and crocheted loop fasteners on the skirt.  They are a little harder than snaps to close but are less bulky. 

The medalion on the blouse is possibly a semiprecious stone and gold.
You can't quite see the seed pearl button on the middle of the palm.  If you buy the outfit, I'll send instructions.
These are real buttondown boots with button holes.  Leather.  The purse also has a button hole with its button and  Lagana's label inside