As an artist I prefer this face to the modern Cissy face.  (Vintage Cissy is  exquisite!)  Modern Cissy's eyes are loose in their sockets while Maid Marion's eyes have folds to the lids and her face is just more delicate.   I believe over time Maid Marion and Anna Karenina will be more valuable than modern Cissy.  There are fewer of them and over the years I've seen fads fade while beautiful dolls continue to hold their value. Vintage Cissy and Maid Marion  have the same bodies, except Maid Marion's elbows don't bend and her arms and hands are a bit slimmer..  THEY HAVE BLUE EYE SHADOW! 
This BLACK STRETCH VELVET SHEATHE  & BOA was fun to do.  It would seem that stretching the rich piece of leotard black velvet into some elegant shape over such a stunning body would be easy. But there were so many possibilities! So many ways to wrap that classy boa!

The shoes are carved from the Dollsparts plastic bases, as are many of the shoes for other ensembles, however their plastic straps just seemed to fit, so I left them but added a rinestone accent.
The purse is leather as is the choaker, one with a 'pearl' catch, and the other with a 'diamond' accent.  open the purse and it has a Lagana label.  Its chain is a three metal link Thai chain, alternating gold, silver and some other metal.

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