This PLEATED SKIRT & PUFFED SLEEVE SATIN BLOUSE has a real leather suade purse with a piece of 'Three metal chain' - a cheaper Thai necklace which alternates silver, gold, and one other metal links. This is one of Lagana's eleven new ensembles for Cissy and 21" Alexander Maid Marion - - -  and these eleven are the last Cissy outfits Lagana will make ever!   Actually only the purse, shoes & necklace are new.  The blouse and skirt were made in the 80's; the purse and shoes for the Petals ensemble, then didn't enhance that dress, but when playing around with colos this combination seemed just right in color and design. 

The real gold dangling earrings are not included in this outfit.  They belong to the Turquoise floral Satin & Diaphonous Gown Ensemble. . . The shoes are from Dollparts.  I usually carve them and keep only the bases, but the plastic straps just seemed to fit this ensemble.