with velvet cape, billowing underskirt, real leather shoes & purse, AND the underskirt is trimmed in a delicate ribbon accent & has a lace bodice for a second outfit, for 16" fashion doll.  All designed and crafted by Lagana, with Lagana's hand signed label.  The real leather  purse has a bead button.  One of the same black glass beads used as  buttons accents the ribbon necklace.   The doll is "Jo" of the Alexander "Little women series.This outfit  fits other  16" ballerinas &  16" Little Women.

"Marme" by Alexander, new in box, mint.   $300.00, & $10.00 Shipping, but Lagana's doll costumes can be included in the shipping for only $3 extra @
Leather shoes & purse for the Floral Cotton Dress With Velvet Cape, label on the underskirt, displayed on Lagana's box
A second outfit is made from the slip for the Floral Cotton Dress, by adding a lace for a bodice.  Slip is trimmed in a tiny satin ribbon & the skirt is not hemmed but folded double for added richness.
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