Maroon velvet draped gown with an antique lace drape & black feather boa, for 16" fashion doll.  Designed and crafted by Lagana, with Lagana's hand signed label.  The drawstring satin purse has beads on the drawstring.  One of the same black glass beads accents the ribbon necklace.  The shoes are velvet sandals, signed by Lagana. This doll is "Marme"  This outfit  fits other  16" ballerinas &  16" Little Women.
PINK SATIN CHINESE ROBE, slippers & negligee   SOLD
Robe is fully lined in satin, Satin frogs & faux pearls are the clasps, shoes are velvet.
BLACK SATIN ROBE, SLIPPERS, & NEGLIGEE Robe is fully lined in satin, Satin frogs & faux pearls are the clasps, slippers have "frog" roses..  SOLD

The slippers to Lace Peignoir & negligee  on a Lagana gift box.   Boots are for 21" Alexander Cissy

LACE PEIGNOIR  & Lace Negligee, & Slippers   You can vary the outfit.  

Marme of Madam Alexander's 16" Little Woman :

I am out of these laces and fabrics and will make no more doll clothes.  These pictured are all sold.
FLORAL SATIN GOWN, with bead straps, red boa wrap, gold chocker and beadwork sandals   AND an exquisite beadwork purse. . . . . . . .  is sold in a two outfit set which includes the rRED VELVET SHEATHE with the same red boa. and beadwork purse, but with black lace shoes.   Once I got started, I just couldn't stop adding variations. 

Bead purse a for Red Velvet Sheathe & Floral Satin Gown for 16" Alexander Little Women

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