Lagana's PINK FLORAL DAY DRESS has white leather button top shoes and a white leather purse with a 'pearl' button closure (with real button holes) a shawl and cap, hand knitted and knotted from polished cotton yarn, pantaloons, Lagana hand signed labels, and a sand dollar medalion.  The jewelry is is cut down from adult pieces, and some of it is real gold. 

The underskirt is a ruffled eyelet cotton.  It seemed too pretty to always be under the dress so it's has a blouse and it's it's own outfit!  see below.   SOLD
WHITE EYELET SUNDRESS is made from the underskirt of the Pink Floral Daydress with a peach ribbon eyelet top added.  A gold sanddollar necklaceo completes the outfit, though it was left out of the photograph.  It is shown above

And it all comes in Lagana's gift box of museum grade rag content mat board which is used to keep fine prints from yellowing and will help keep Lagana's outfits fresh also.
Lagana is no longer making doll costumes, but if you are interested in her prints, they can be purchased at Lagana's shop, "laganadesign," at or:  

Please note the bead button & crocheted loop fasteners down to the low cut waist!