block prints of Thailand
                  photographs of Thailand  
                puppies, fish, flowers, etc.      
Now Lagana has digitally sized some of her prints and photographs for greeting cards. These cards are printed on feathered edge, cream color Stonehenge acid-free art paper with grocery-bag paper envelopes. (more eco friendly without the bleach)

At half letter size (8.5”x5.5”), they are big enough to frame, and Lagana has signed and titled each at the bottom in pencil. (but not numbered as the cards aren't limited editions) Some cards have an explanation of the scene on the back. All are copyrighted, though the watermark shown across the picture on etsy will not be on the actual card.

Cards are blank inside, take one 46c stamp to mail. and each come in a clear protective envelope. To purchase Lagana's cards, go to Etsy.com and click her shop, "LaganaDesign" or print in your browser:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/LaganaDesign?section_id=10073559

Chinese Tiger
Yellow Banana Trees in the Rain
Sunset Through the Bamboo Gate
Grocery-bag paper envelope
Reaping Rice
Aunt Leean's Front Walk
Back of card & gocery- bag paper envelope
Canal By Moonlight
Siwimming Water Buffalo
Teak Temple Among the Mangoes
Faraway Lands
Polishing Rice
Canal Town
A Workable Kitchen
Planting Rice
Family Portrait
Two Sings
Shoveling Rice
Country Parade
Neighborhood Bridge
Unloading Rice
Repairing the Buffalo Ramp